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The registration of users to the system OnlineTender.sk is conditioned by the selection of the relevant user account – “Contracting entity” or “Supplier”.

Would you like to open an electronic auction and obtain bids of tenderers? Register as a “Contracting entity”. With the selection of Contracting entity registration you also acquire the supplier rights, i.e. you can submit bids also in procurement opened by another Contracting entity.

If you wish to only submit offers for procurement (auctions), register as a “Supplier”.

The registration runs in several simple steps:

  • Choose the registration of “Contracting entity” or “Supplier”
  • Fill in the required identification data
  • Send the registration
  • You will be classified as “waiting” for approval by the administrator of OnlineTender.sk,
  • Pay the advance or down payment invoice for the service OnlineTender.sk (Contracting entity)
  • Upon the receipt of information on approved registration you can start to fully use the service OnlineTender.sk

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