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For whom it is designed

The service OnlineTender.sk is intended not only for the contracting entities from the state and public sectors, but also for private contracting entities and suppliers of goods and services.

The service OnlineTender.sk offers to contracting authorities, contracting entities pursuant to the Act No. 25/2006 Coll. on Public Procurement, to create an unlimited number of electronic auctions according to this Act at an advantageous price, the return of which is possible as early as after the first procurement via the electronic auction OnlineTender.sk.

If your company is not a contracting authority or contracting entity pursuant to the Act No. 25/2006 Coll. on Public Procurement, does it mean that you can behave “in an inefficient manner”? The answer is trivial - NO. The service OnlineTender.sk offers to you an opportunity to procure items with maximum efficiency, via an electronic auction where according to the procurement parameters you can obtain goods or services at the best price or the most economically advantageous bid.

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