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How OnlineTender was developed

The Government of the Slovak Republic in their Statement of Policy declared that fight against corruption would be one of their main priorities. Amendment to the Act No. 25/2006 Coll. on Public Procurement, as amended, stressed the need for more efficient procurement and thus among other things, also set the duty to procure goods and services by selected procedures through an electronic auction. The provisions of the Act No. 25/2006 Coll. on Public Procurement shall be followed by the contracting authority and the contracting entity defined by this Act.

To procure goods and services in an efficient manner is not only the governing idea of the public sector, but also of the private sector. A private contracting entity is also a contracting entity, which tries to obtain the required goods and services on the most advantageous conditions. OnlineTender.sk allows both types of contracting entities to behave in a transparent, efficient and flexible manner using electronic online auction.

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