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What is OnlineTender

The system of electronic purchase auction OnlineTender.sk offers to the users an efficient tool for the procurement of goods or services faster and more transparently. On the one hand, for the contracting entity it is a flexible option for obtaining the required items through the most advantageous bid and, on the other hand, it offers to the participant in electronic auction the possibility to submit the most advantageous bids, and thus become the supplier in a specific electronic auction.

OnlineTender.sk is a multiple-level electronic auction in which you can set the parameters and criteria of procurement, based on which the tenders will be evaluated, and thus you obtain the most advantageous and acceptable tender.

Electronic auction within OnlineTender.sk can be divided into 3 main phases:

  • In phase 1, the caller sets the conditions of procurement (tender) of specific goods or service,
  • Participants who meet the criteria or have been invited go to phase 2, which is the electronic online auction itself. In the auction the participants submit their quotations or repeated quotations, whereby they can overbid the bid of another bidder. The possibility to submit bids is limited in time,
  • In phase 3 of auction, the auction is evaluated by an automated system; i.e. by the ranking of bids by prices or by profitability according to the defined criteria (the most economically advantageous bid).

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