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Service OnlineTender.sk put into operation

We have the honour to present a new system of electronic auction - OnlineTender.sk - to you. The service OnlineTender.sk is a project of the company SlovShore, which decided to make a quality and efficient system for the procurement of goods and services available to Internet users.

The service OnlineTender.sk runs on our own web application we have developed to cover the key expectations of its users with a strong emphasis on intuitive handling. Procurement processes are designed and implemented to meet the requirements defined by the law.

The service OnlineTender.sk is operated by a webhosting administrator to be accessible by you continuously 24x7. We use a security certificate for communication based on which communication between you and our service is safe and protected against any misuse over the course of data transmission via the Internet. The service is available to users via an ordinary Internet browser (e.g., MS Explorer). No installation is required for the use of OnlineTender.sk; only the connection is required to the Internet and via a web interface you can start procuring or tendering virtually immediately.

© 2007 SLOVSHORE, Central European Application Services. Contact: info@onlinetender.sk

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